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Skip the frazzle and find the freedom in the holidays!

We have a blended family with five teenagers.

I have been a professional organizer since 2003 and I am the author of an exciting new book called, "From Frazzled to Freedom." I am also a Golden member of The National Association of...

Check off hostess gifts on your list!

I love the holiday season! One of my favorite parts is socializing with friends, co-workers and family at different holiday events. My December calendar normally has an array of gatherings from open houses to parties. As a professional organizer, I...

My passion: Getting more out of downsizing

Are you in the process of downsizing or anticipate downsizing in the future?

For some people, downsizing isn’t a choice; they have been forced into a position of downsizing as the only option for them. These people often have very mixed...

Make your list & check it twice with our super-cute Clipboards!

We are fortunate to have our good friend and regular contributor, Julie Starr Hook, of Five Starr Organizing recommending our adorable clipboards this week! 

If you live in Salem, Oregon and shop at Winco, grocery store, you may recognize me as...

A tall list of ideas for the height challenged!

We love our friend Julie Starr Hook of Five Starr Organizing in Oregon. Julie has so much fun “shopping” for her favorite Office Candy items and we are so fortunate to have her write for us so you can see another view of how...

Visual Reminders are a Good Thing

We are pleased to have our good friend, Julie Starr Hook from Five Starr Organizing Guest Posting for us again. Please enjoy her suggestions for using visual organizing tools in the office…

Many of us need visual reminders in order to remember...

Five Starr Tips for M.O.M-Entrepreneurs

After spending seven years as a stay-at-home mother of three, Julie Starr Hook decided to become a professional organizer. 

This was a great career decision. I formed Five Starr Organizing in 2003, and have been going...

Tool kits are handier than you may think!

Do you find yourself having to dig through a tool box or an assortment of places before you find the right tool that you are looking for?

Wouldn’t it be great to have those frequently used tools in strategic places throughout your home?

Paperwork on the Run!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take a portion of your important paperwork with you and be able to retrieve it easily?

 I suggest purchasing a portable file with handles (...

Transform those Piles into Files

Many of us have a filing system’s either at home or work or both.  Here are my best filing tips:


  • File in alphabetical order.
  • Name your files with words or...