Simplify Your Home

You’re not alone in wanting to eliminate clutter while finding function and beauty in your space. Julie has been organizing homes, designing spaces, and motivating people just like you for over two decades. You don’t have to wait for the motivation, she will walk you through every step of the process.

Julie Starr on her porch in a nice black outfit

Julie’s Philosophy About Organizing!

Julie will get you motivated and excited about the organizing process. She will teach you tools of the trade, coach you and be your “cheerleader” along the way.  Julie has a “come as you are” approach. She is a veteran organizer so little surprises her. Whatever state of disorganization she is presented with, Julie will put you at ease and show you compassion to get the organizational results you want.

What to Expect

1. Meet

Julie will meet with you in your home or office. She will assess what is and is not working for you in the organizing process through simple questions.

2. Organize

With a customized plan that is both simple and effective, you will not only get organized but be able to stay organized!

3. Reach Your Goal

The satisfaction of streamlining and simplifying your life will exude as you get to live in a space that feels inviting and functional.

Living room after redesign
Bathroom shower after redesign
Dining room after redesign

Get Started

I look forward to talking with you about organization whether for your home or as a speaking engagement or book signing event. Let’s make this dream come true!