Organizing Services

  • Residential Organizing: All rooms of the home including the home office.
  • Boomer/Senior Downsizing: Helping clients go from a large to a small space.
  • Paper Management: Developing systems for paperwork.
  • Time Management: Find ways to maximize your time and streamline your life.
  • Home Staging: Get your home ready for sale.
  • Small Businesses: Paper and time management, general organization.
  • Holiday Organizing: Gift wrapping, shopping, decorating for the holidays.
  • Coordinating Dual Residences: Helping clients manage multiple homes.

ADD: Experience in working with clients who have ADD. She finds effective organizing solutions to overcome the obstacles associated with ADD.

Hoarder Consultant: On a case by case basis, comfortable in working with hoarders and can easily work alongside with medical professionals to work with the challenges of a hoarder.

Design Services

  • Home styling with existing or new décor
  • Assist clients in choosing paint colors
  • Furniture layout for best function and flow
  • Cabinetry and closet design
  • Kitchen, laundry, home office and bath design
  • Assist with purchases of home décor, furniture, window coverings
  • Recommend experienced contractors or handymen fitting your needs

Julie Starr on her porch in a nice black outfit