Julie’s Philosophy about organizing!

Julie will get you motivated and excited about the organizing process. She will teach you tools of the trade, coach you and be your “cheerleader” along the way.  Julie has a “come as you are” approach. She is a veteran organizer so little surprises her. Whatever state of disorganization she is presented with, Julie will put you at ease and show you compassion to get the organizational results you want.

What to expect?

Julie will meet with you in your home or office. She will assess what is and is not working for you in the organizing process. She will ask simple questions about your organizational style and obstacles you are facing in getting organized. She works with you in determining the best place to start. Julie will set up simple, effective ways to not only get organized, but to stay organized!!! The enthusiasm and experience that Julie brings to the table will make you wonder why you have waited to get organized. She will see to it that you reach your goal of streamlining and simplifying your life.

Organizing Services

  • Residential Organizing: All rooms of the home including the home office.
  • Boomer/Senior Downsizing: Helping clients go from a large to a small space.
  • Paper Management: Developing systems for paperwork.
  • Time Management: Find ways to maximize your time and streamline your life.
  • Home Staging: Get your home ready for sale.
  • Small Businesses: Paper and time management, general organization.
  • Holiday Organizing: Gift wrapping, shopping, decorating for the holidays.
  • Coordinating Dual Residences: Helping clients manage multiple homes.

Design Services

  • Home styling with existing or new décor
  • Assist clients in choosing paint colors
  • Furniture layout for best function and flow
  • Cabinetry and closet design
  • Kitchen, laundry, home office and bath design
  • Assist with purchases of home décor, furniture, window coverings
  • Recommend experienced contractors or handymen fitting your needs

ADD: Experience in working with clients who have ADD. She finds effective organizing solutions to overcome the obstacles associated with ADD.

Hoarder Consultant: On a case by case basis, comfortable in working with hoarders and can easily work alongside with medical professionals to work with the challenges of a hoarder.


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