I’m still euphoric from when you were here! I have barely slept. I can cook myself breakfast in minutes. Even my cats are happier. I love, love LOVE you guys!


Julie thanks so much for walking me through this design project… I’d be stuck in idle if it hadn’t been for you.
Becky L

Thank you Julie Hook for being the amazing professional organizer that you are and helping me get the kids room organized!! So much stress is lifted ❤️❤️ if anyone needs someone to help them organize Julie is amazing.


Thank you for helping my mom get back on track…she is so happy and independent. It is like a fog has been lifted.


I wanted to thank you again for working with me. You have a really tough job. I realized on Friday how emotional this can be. And you are so gracious and wonderful with me. I appreciate it so much and want you to know how much I do appreciate you. It’s amazing to me how you are able to put yourself out there the way you do, by working with people in this way. Xox


Julie Starr has been a fantastic resource for many areas of my life, be it cleaning out a closet of clothes or decorative items. She even organizes my financial records and other paperwork that I dread facing alone. She helps me to cut through the clutter in my emotional attachment to “stuff” that is no longer beneficial or useful to me.  She is very diplomatic and kind though; never forcing me to rid myself of things that I’m not ready to give up.
I trust her as she has a high standard of confidentiality as well. I highly recommend her services whether you are moving, need to downsize or just get organized. Julie CAN help you reach your goals!
Allison Thiessen

I finally have a laundry room where I can do laundry and store all of my gift wrapping supplies! I highly recommend Five Starr Organizing!

Tierney Kraft

Timeliness, Quality, Offerings, Other, Customer Service

She didn’t try to do things that she knew could be done better by others and had a name we could call for that special area. We really appreciated that as we have had people we hired for other jobs that tried to fake their way through rather than give up any of the money. Everything else was done wonderfully and with respect.


I was desperate the first time I called Julie.  I was sick and pregnant and had just moved into a new house; there were boxes everywhere!  I explained my situation to her and she assured me that she could help.  I will never forget the relief I felt when we scheduled an appointment and she said, ‘help is on the way!’  What a wonderful thing to hear!
Julie came and spent a few days at my home unpacking and putting everything away.  She did a much better job than I would have ever done.  She unpacked everything perfectly. 
Since I am not naturally an organized person, my house needs a tune up quite often– it’s great that Julie will come and get me back on track.
I appreciate Julie not only for her great organizing skills, but also for the reliable, honest, and fun person and friend she is. 
Thank you Julie!

Dear Julie,
The organizing you’ve done for me is such a blessing. I was a little nervous about it before you came because the task seemed so daunting, but your style and demeanor calmed me immediately.
Your ideas make so much sense and were so easy and natural that nearly all of what we have done over the last year or so has stayed in tact (not an easy task with a teenage boy, a messy daughter and a busy husband!).
I want to thank you for creating Five Starr Organizing and helping people like me regain peace and sensibility in areas of our homes that are neither of those two things.
I’d also like tell you how much I appreciate not only the directives that you gave me for cleaning up and clearing out but also that you were ready and willing to roll up your shirt sleeves and dig right in with me so we could finish the job twice as fast.
You are a pleasure to work with and a joy to have around me. I think I better buy a bigger house so I have more to organize because I’m addicted to Five Starr Organizing!
Tony McCammon

“In Its Place,” written by Julie Starr, is what I turn to in every issue [of the Statesman Journal]. The weekly organization column helped me tackle the towering stacks of paper in my office, some of which dated back 20 years. Julie’s creative storage ideas make it a snap to locate files as well as providing a method to handle sentimental items.

Betsy J. Romeo

Dear Julie, Thank you so very much for all your help, ideas and your inspiration you’ve given me for this bedroom design project. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Marie Kondo has a series on Netflix now. Boy, are you guys alike! She rarely pushes either, is bright and perky and non-judgmental. I always felt safe with you, I got mad at the situation sometimes, but I knew I could trust you. Once in a great while I have to rebuy something we threw out, and I feel bad, but just remind myself I hadn’t had to store it all the time I wasn’t using it. I’m now aware of how much it costs to keep something. I want to keep sorting out the things that aren’t working. Like old toys, jewelry to sell, new crafts I want to make, but not necessarily keep.. It’s been a lot of years since I looked forward to my future! Literally couldn’t done it without you. I think of you almost every day. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, you have no idea!

Crazy Crafty Cat Lady Renae

Always a joy to work with Julie. You have changed my life forever, thank you so much! Thank you for being in the journey of my life, Julie. You are a joy to me. I can celebrate each new step forward with you, and I know you won’t let me fail. You are the most positive influence in my whole life.


Thank you for all your suggestions and leads and for helping me get stated. Your energy and gentle approach is very accepting and non-judgmental and you are fun to work with. Looking forward to working you on the next “phase.”


I wanted to thank you for an incredible job of de-hoarding my kitchen! It has been such a pleasure to meet you after so many years of hearing about you, and you have proven to be the incredible organizer I had anticipated.


I can’t say enough about how Julie came in and helped me get my room organized. I was having trouble with organizing such a small space and the clutter was getting completely unmanageable, it was hard to walk around let alone live. She came in and totally took charge, where I couldn’t begin to make the right decisions she cut through the issues and made it a real dream to come home. Thank you Julie for your compassion and insight, I will definitely use her services in the future and will pass her name on to family and friends.


I just wanted to let you know that our new system for my paperwork just saved us $1300. There was a rebate that had a due date of a few days from now. Thank you for your continued help to “get it together”.


I often think about you and I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate your help last winter and spring! I am often reminded of our work when I am home, coming across things we did.
What is amazing to me is that not only did we cover lots of area, but we took care of so many details. Like the new pencil holder by my phone, the Tupperware, the tray (under the sugar, napkins, salt and pepper.) Plus many other details.
I know much of this stuff I did alone as homework, but I wouldn’t have been doing it if you hadn’t been my coach and kept me accountable. I am still very thankful to God for having you step into my life during this time. Thank you for your help.
You were so faithful to come, and your children gave their time, too. I haven’t done much in the boys’ room yet, but I feel much more capable of dealing with it than before. Thank you, my dear!
Cheryl Rabe

Do you have a person who is a paperholic??? I live with one, but its important papers, and needed to be condensed somehow. So a few years back I called on Julie Starr to help find a compromise on the office clutter so that we could both find the items when needed–she set the time up with my husband.  They got right to work with the task and actually had fun doing it–go figure that!! He was so impressed that he had her come back a few more times. If she can get my husband organized to his style then she can help anyone.  She definitely has a great business manner, friendly, funny and great to work with–she will put all your fears at rest.
We highly, highly would recommend her over and over again. 
Diane Peters

Hi Julie,
I just wanted to tell you how very much I am enjoying my newly organized kitchen!
After you left, I got busy and made the Household appliances binder, baked some bread in the bread machine and puttered around enjoying my kitchen as I have not enjoyed it in several years. I love it!
It really works well for us, and having things in different places has been good mental exercise for us both. (Gotta get those new pathways into the old brain!)
I look forward to our next organizing spree.
Judi Lucas

Thank you so much for everything you have done! I’m so very, very grateful!!! YOU ARE LIFE CHANGING!!!

Thanks Julie! Great advice and tips. Will sing high praises for your services.


Every time I open a kitchen cupboard, I mentally thank you for your help in getting it (and me) organized.


Julie has helped make a difference in my life many times over.  We have organized my whole house from top to bottom, including the garage.  It is such a relief to feel organized.  It’s great to have a place for everything.  We even cleaned out and organized all the files in my office. 
I am very impressed how professional Julie is.  She always returns my calls, usually by the end of the day I call on.  Julie is great about scheduling and is always prompt for our appointment.  After a quick catch up (we’ve known each other for a few years now as I was one of her first clients and we have become good friends) we get right to work. 
My house needs a tune up every once in a while and it’s a comforting feeling to know that I can call Julie and be back on my ‘organized’ feet in no time!  I feel like I can do anything when Julie is by my side.  It may sound corny, but it’s true!
Dawn Kreitzberg

Dear Julie, Thanks so much for all your help last week! I can’t tell you what a difference your expertise and perspective have made – I’ll have to show you on a follow-up sometime soon.


When I moved to Oregon from California I faced a mess of boxes to be emptied and decisions to be made. Julie walked in and her magic made my life orderly and peaceful. She has a unique talent in being able to bring order to chaos. She doesn’t robotically do what you want but guides and advises so your decisions are made easily and are correct as time proves. I am so very grateful for the day I called her for help because the result was an everlasting friendship.

Kathleen Hoch

Julie was incredible. Helpful at every turn and did a great job keeping me motivated and things moving along. Only complaint is I did not find her earlier. God’s certainly working through your hands. You helped me do a job I have been dreading for 5 years. You helped me see it was do able and we did it. You did a great job keeping me motivated and things moving along. Quality, Timeliness, Customer Service, Offerings.


Now that we are more settled in our Bonaventure apartment, we have some time and perspective to look back on those hectic days when we were transitioning from our home to our apartment. There’s no way I could have accomplished my part of the move without your swift and efficient help and both my husband and I tell our friends that you saved our marriage during this stressful time.

Now, we’re down to a few boxes in the storage area, which we are steadily sorting. We know that we will not need your services any longer. “We’re on our own.” As my husband puts it.

Thank you for all that you did for us. You made it look effortless, though it wasn’t so. And thank you for your patience.

We’ve already recommended your services to others.


Just want to thank you for organizing my home.. I especially love where the spices are located. Every time I get salt, pepper I think of you. Fondly, Gayle


Dear Julie,
I’m writing to tell you how much I appreciate and value your services. Getting my home and garage organized is a tedious task that is easy to put off. Without your assistance, I’d never get around to it. In a way, sessions with you are like having a maid service dedicated to organization.
I know some people regularly hire help with their housework and enjoy getting help to keep up with their cleaning dusting, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, etc. Your service applies the same regular upkeep to clutter and disorganized bookshelves, drawers, cupboards, closets, and garage storage.
At first, I expected I’d learn some magic tips from you to suddenly make getting organized and keeping it that way a breeze. What I really learned is that it is hard work that takes perseverance, decision making, and time.
The magic that you bring is your professional skill at sorting, grouping and storing like items in logical ways, the ability to coach me to let go of obsolete records and unused household items, and the support I need to make organization a priority in my home life.
For all you’ve done for me and all I’ve learned from you, I thank you and firmly recommend your services to anyone.
Patti Shepard

Thank-You to Julie at Five Starr Organizing and Design for all your hard work and help this past month! I couldn’t imagine sorting through the past with anyone else!! 🙂

Lisa B